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If you want to learn the correct way to become a professional entertainer and become wealthy, let us show you how to do it.

    I am Christine Check front cover of ED Magazine September 2022. I think that is important for you to know where I was at …and were I am at now

    I was 18 years old and just graduated high school. I had no special skills at all.

    My dad started having serious health concerns. My Mother had a small job, and my older sister was trying to take care of everybody. After racking my brain over how to help. I looked at all kind of jobs and opportunities.

    My distant friend told me about Gentlemen’s Entertainment and how I could make money working at a club. I began to jog. I began to eat better. I tried out at one of the clubs and got hired. My Mother, sister, and entire family was mad at me and hurt.

    Warning my entire family and some friends was mad at Let me explain. My experience would have been liked theirs except along came a teacher for The Mental Click System came into the picture and helped me.


    The first five years. I did not do as well as I hoped. But it was more then a department store. My family and a lot of friends were down on me. However, when the light went off right in front of me, I looked and never looked back again.

     How is this unique? 

    The Mental Click System Instructor came to work at the club that I was working at. I saw her making money off just about everyone and was far ahead of everyone else including me. I watched for several days and how some Entertainers were speaking bad about her and saying things that she should not do. But it was not true. The girls were jealous of her. They were just saying this stuff to make themselves feel better.

    I went to the girl and ask her politely what she was doing and how she was doing what she has been doing. She told me there is a organize way to get customers to respond to you if you don’t use the approach that all the Entertainers use.

    Use the Mental Click System and logically get through the first three system of their brain. Instead of trying to be sexier or prettier than the next Entertainer and you will be a fit from inside their own brain without trying to shove your way through to them. Instead, be relax and gentle. You got to learn to go with their brain and flow instead of trying to shove your way in. How do you do that?

    Everyone has the flow, and it is controlled by three centers of the brain the crocodile brain. You must be unique, or you will not get notice. The next is the Mid-Brain and this is where you are accepted and through there to mingle and be a part of their social circle.

    Then you go to their Neo-cortex and now you are and have been accepted by then and they want you. I thought man that is deep, but she said it was easy. She said watch and discover come with me. I went with her, and my mind was awakened. I saw how to do what she said and was blown away. I ask here to teach me the mental click system to me, and she said sure.

    I then learn how to easily to get my clients attention and my client’s intention. Talk about being the talk of the town. This was much easier and far simpler. Then I learned to use the Dopamine Drip. It was so easy, and the customer was glued to me. Then I learn to just about fill my night up before I went to work or be filled completely with a social media script that I was taught.

    My life was getting great, and my family and friends could not believe what I was saying, and they went with me to my attorney and account and how easy it was for me and what I was telling them past their smell test.

    1. I can see my earning potential go up while I was working at what I was doing and studying.

    2. I was learning material that was made only for Gentlemen’s club Entertainers.

    3. I had a real instructor that was in the game and doing and performing.

     What’s in it for me? 

    1. I learned a system that is Trademarked and Copyrighted for Gentlemen’s Clubs Entertainers only.

    2. The system had a mental click system instructor with me full-time all the way through. Except for homework.

    3. Believe me my money was going up while I was training in the mental click system at work.

    4. I bought a car, I am renting a beautiful house and only renting right now because of financial gains, my retirement is close to being funded, I have helped with my dad’s financial medical bills.

    5. Live financially extremely very well every month.

    6. I have the work system I know, and trust will make the money I need to support the life I want to support.

    7. I make $35,000.00 to $50,000.00 a month depending on the work week that I decide.

     How do I know this is real? 

    I was tired of seeing entertainers struggle to get VIPs. The club’s quality only improves with the quality of the entertainers. I noticed that when I am happy with what I’m doing and doing the Mental Click System I end up attracting clients that can afford and get VIP dances for hours.

    I discovered that it was my approach that was the problem. Girls were approaching clients like a wrecking ball, making the approach feel awkward for the client. This makes selling a VIP dance harder. That is because I was not approaching my desired client’s brain correctly. A fatal error that I realized had to be corrected.

    I am Christine Check and I’m the Lead Instructor of Entertainment Done Right Inc. I teach the Mental Click System© Program together with two other entertainers and lead instructors pictured here with me: Brianna Duchesne and Taylor Fiol.

    This is me we have been in ED Magazine since March of 2022. My team and I were a major sponsor at ED Productions Gentlemen's Club Expo of 2022 right here in Las Vegas. We will be in ED Magazine in 2023 and be at the Las Vegas Gentlemen’s Show here in Las Vegas in August 2023.

    We showed club owners and managers alike how The Mental Click System© works. Since then, Clubs all over the USA have been ordering our Profit Posters to hang in their club’s locker rooms!

    We Entertainers/Instructors are excited to give power to entertainers in the industry. To get our message out. However.


    It is time for Entertainers of gentleman’s clubs to take total control of the industry. Where entertainers do not have to feel the need to do anything uncomfortable for money. I believe, with many other entertainers agreeing with me it is The Entertainers that keep the Gentlemen’s Club Industry alive.

     What’s holding me back? 

    The problem for you may be other’s opinions of your beauty, or the courage to go into the entertainment industry and how daunting it can be. Maybe it’s other entertainer’s bad experiences.

    You are in full control and have professionals that are in the business working with you. My family was against my going into entertainment at first, then came the Mental Click System©, and they realized the benefits to me. They now are as happy with my achievements and my decision to do this.

    Have you ever seen a club that offers training advice other than a pamphlet or TikTok videos? It’s likely you have not. That is where the Mental Click System© comes in.

     Who/what is to blame? 

    The past reputation of entertainers has not been the best. Some of it is true and some are only rumors. Some are experiences and some are stories. However, lots of things have changed in the industry, so just ignore all of what you may think and do your own thing. Don’t let perceptions destroy your chance to wealth and security.

    Finally, there is a place where professional entertainers are helping other entertainers get through the worst struggles. Demonstrating a proven system that has helped advance their skills and given them a system to follow which can increase their income up to $50,000.00 dollars a month or more.

    If you are struggling to get clients to pay attention to you, or listen to you, it’s not your fault. You are just failing to get past the Croc Brain because you do not have the right approach yet! If you can tailor your approach to excite this part of the crocodile brain correctly, you can get to the Midbrain connection. After the midbrain, the logic center that is called the Neocortex. If this sounds complicated, don’t worry, it’s way easier than it sounds.

    Most entertainers do not realize that once you grab the attention of your clients, you must learn how to keep their attention with “Intention.” No one has taken the time to show you how to keep the mind fixated on you.

    Then once you have your client’s attention you can finally start releasing Dopamine within their brains. This gives your clients a happy feeling, like eating their favorite candy. It makes your clients feel a rush of happy emotions that can only then be satisfied by you. We can do this by using the Dopamine Drip Method that is taught in the Mental Click System© Program.

    However, that still does not solve another issue that reoccurs for entertainers, Slow Days. Slow days can be a thing of the past with being booked before you go into work. And you can start making up to $2,000 or more per slow night and do it consistently.

     Why Now? 

    To be honest your age helps you big time, but you must be aware just as we all do- it’s now or never. Through the years, we all age. Believe me, I know that’s a bummer. And with things going as they are with the economy, we as Ladies need to “get in where we fit in.” With the Mental Click System© it is easy to make it happen for us and to feel better and secure. The time is now and what we must do is take full advantage of the knowledge we have and make our way easily. The first thing is getting the regulars which you get in three ways.

    The first thing is getting the regulars which you get in three ways.

    1. You get them from the clubs you are working at.

    2. How you affect men and women in the club with Mental Click System

    3. You can get more from social media.

    And the biggest problem you face, retirement. In this industry many girls struggle to figure out how to prove their income. Here, we show how you can set up your very own business structure that will allow you to retire from working at all within 5 to 10 years. Imagine only working for that short amount of time and retiring with your dream life!

    This is only possible by two ways though. You can go through the journey by yourself and waste years to become semi-professional. Or, just like any other professional, invest in yourself to get the training you need to become a true expert at this.

    You need an outside perspective to show you how to move and what to say to get the instant results you need now. Without this outside perspective you will be left alone to figure out how to generate the income you need and unfortunately, most never do.

     Why should I trust you? 

    I have been in the industry since I was 19 years old, making it about 7 years now that I’ve been on this journey. I have worked in this industry mainly in Las Vegas, however I have traveled all over the USA and tried other clubs. I remember how terrifying it can be to start this career.

    I always hated feeling so low about myself, and I know there were many other friends that felt the same way too. I would go into work because I knew there were others making amounts of cash which meant I could too.

    I would ask myself, “am I that ugly?”, and “what are other entertainers doing differently than I am?” When I look around the club, I see the same thing with other entertainers. Depressed, hating the job, and unable to get the clients to say yes to a dance. As a beginner entertainer it is discouraging to even try to talk to clients since they can be so rude. I am not shocked to see why entertainers are struggling to sell VIPs.

     How does it work? 

    The Mental Click System© works with 6 steps.

    Many entertainers were trying to learn the best techniques to get the “yes” as they were trying to do entertainment correctly with the right focus in place. But they were pulled into drinking, drugs, and other illegal things. Some superstars didn’t and wanted the mad cash that was there and plentiful to them so much more than the party lifestyle that accompanied it.

    Therefore, they started creating the book of how being an entertainer worked. Here are the short 6 rules that will make you up to $50,000.00 a month or more and lead to your extremely early 5–10-year retirement.

    1st Step: Create your income goal, motivator and Unique Inner Entertainer.

    2nd Step: This is where you learn the three sections of the brain that are in control of the attention center, The Croc Brain, Mid- Brain, and the Neocortex. This will allow you to become the center of attention and get your clients excited every time they meet you.

    3rd Step: Take control of relationships with “Attention to Intention Control.” This is something called “frame control” that you will need to have in all situations. Frame control will establish you, give you control regardless of the personality of the client, and the ability to finish with massive cash.

    4th Step: Open a flood of emotions with the Dopamine Drip Method. By using Dopamine triggers, you can make your VIP dances have an extreme response of emotions.

    5th Step: Where you craft your professional skills and create a system that helps generate a constant flow of clients. We focus on building your social media marketing skills to create a system that sells clients before coming into the club.

    6th Step: Our graduation week! This is where we make sure you understand how to keep your system operational and stay on track to retiring at your pace.

     How can I get started? 

    How you can get started is by applying for a phone consultation. We only have 20 seats available per month. You must qualify to be able to take a phone consultation. You can start by going to WWW.EDRWEBINAR.COM/APPLY to book a complimentary phone consultation.

    We look forward to the opportunity to talk to you to make sure that we are a good fit for one another. We do this to make sure that we are not going to waste your time and money. Do not waste time and book a consultation before seats fill up!

     What do I have to lose? 

    I want to say thank you for taking the time to read this letter. That means you have been looking for a change in your life. Rather, if you are thinking about becoming an entertainer and have been looking for guidance, or if you are an entertainer that is just looking to take herself to another level of expertise… we’ve got you covered!

    I know I was tired of struggling financially and relying on others to make money. Living a life where I must wake up to clock in for a job that only pays around $16 an hour. Having to live hanging on to every dollar I earned just to keep a roof over my head. Having to save coupons to afford groceries and to treat myself. I was tired of feeling pathetic.

    I knew that I could be making way more. I heard how all these girls’ made money as an entertainer so easily. I started to give dancing a try because I needed more money for medical bills for a family member I care about. I learned fast that it takes more than good looks to make money in the clubs.

    Once I learned how to tailor my approach perfectly to bypass the Croc Brain, I started to see my numbers increase by leaps and bounds. Clients started to beg for private time with me, no matter what the cost was.

    I learned that seduction can be extremely powerful and that we women can move mountains with words. However, to make mountains move, you must learn the steps to The Mental Click System© shows you.

    Take the necessary steps today to increase your wealth and start creating your desired life. There are only 20 seats a month available. So go book your consultation now! Apply at WWW.EDRWEBINAR.COM/APPLY

    I look forward to talking to you about how you are ready for your life to change!

    Best regards,

    Christine Check