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    VIP Now System

    The VIP Now System is a structured system comprising of three steps. You will automatically find yourself getting way more VIPs and have the secret ingredient along with the brand-new thing inside of the VIP room.

    You will have far less stress and frustration with your customers when you know how to get them to want to take you to the VIP room with the script that is provided as the first step to the VIP Now System. It places you in control and gives you back the power to get the customer to act and behave as you want and have the customer choose you over any other entertainer in the club.

    You will have a connection with your customers in the VIP room with the secret ingredient that stimulates your customer’s excitement that gets them ready to experience the money making (neurological stimuli) brand-new thing.

    This secret ingredient will lead you to the brand-new thing that you do next, and this will increase the happiness and the excitement of your customers significantly.

    However, it performs another very big task for you that benefits you in the long run as well. The customer will want to come back and see you repeatedly because of the experience that they had in the VIP room. You get to keep them not only as a customer but now as your personal client who is totally hooked on you.

    They will go to your website that you establish for them to have a session with you and come see you before you even go into work. So, this way you will have some kind of idea of how many people are coming in to see you because they have made appointments through your website to come see you that night at the chosen time.

    The VIP Now System has been tested and experienced by gentlemen’s club entertainers, including Christine Check, who is the lead director for the VIP Now System.

    The VIP Now System is already being trademarked and copyrighted for your protection and ours because there is absolutely nothing like this. It is a one-of-a-kind system. It has never been done before.

    If you do sign up and take the VIP Now System, you must sign an NDA before you do the system.

    Christine Check ED Magazine

    As seen on the front page of the ED Magazine September 2022 issue. I am Christine Check, the Lead Director of the VIP Now System. I have been inside ED Magazine for three years now and have been to all three of the gentlemen’s club expos in Las Vegas for the last three years.

    If you are an entertainer at a gentlemen's club, you absolutely need the VIP Now System. The energy and stress that you will save yourself every night that you work is tremendous. Getting a customer to take you to the VIP room and then excite them greatly with the secret ingredient leading into the brand-new thing for them to come back and see you repeatedly will help improve your money 5 to 10 times more per night. The personal guarantee that you receive is that I will mentor you for six months after you receive your VIP Now System to be sure that you are proceeding and moving forward. Just as you're supposed to and want to.

    Christine Check, Lead Director of the VIP Now System.

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